Saturday, April 23, 2011

Around the world in 90 minutes

I love traveling the globe and connecting with dear friends and family. It's especially thrilling when I can do it right from my little house in North Knoxville.
Today, I Skyped with my best friend Joanna in Poland. I continue to be amazed at the clarity of such technology. We're half a world apart and yet sitting across from one another.
(And it was free. I can afford free!)
We talk every few weeks. Yet, we picked up the mundane, funny and deep things right where we left off. No back story needed.
Do you have friends like that? I hope you do because they add such depth to your life.

I left Europe and jumped over to the African continent by calling my 88-year-old grandmother in Nigeria. It made me smile that she'd upgraded her ring tone from your basic "ring, ring" to a song from a Yoruba music group since the last time we spoke.
As always, she chided me for taking so long to call her. She spoke blessings over me.
I told her about the goings on in my family including my older sister's recent birthday. When she asked me how old she was, I couldn't remember how to say the number in Yoruba. She laughed. (She doesn't speak English).

I came back to America and stopped by Washington DC to holler at my friend Ansley and then in Alabama to chat with my beautiful, red-headed little sister Kristen. Neither of them were home.

I brought it home to Knoxville where I ended my phone time with my 94-year-old friend Josephine. The best part of this conversation is that it'll result in face time with her tomorrow.


  1. Lola, I am enjoying your blog. Thanks for writing. Your joyful way of looking at the world is a blessing to all who know you.

  2. I'm sorry I missed your call! I was floating on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. You actually came back to America and stopped by Florida via an East Tennessee cell phone number that belongs to someone who lives in D.C. - to further globalize your 90 minutes. Thanks for calling - and writing!